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What is Magic Adventure?

Magic Adventure is an interactive performance in a large installation made of white fabric and coloured lights. It features voice play, music making, funniness, exploration and discovery. It was created in 2001, commissioned by the Priory Children's centre in Great Yarmouth which has an ongoing relationship with Magic Adventure and the development of it's creative work.


It’s a world-class art work for the most discerning audiences on the planet – babies and toddlers. It’s led by five funny, playful singers with decades of combined experience in creativity and the early years who guide children and adults through an unforgettable experience. Every single element of Magic Adventure has been created and developed in partnership with young children in the day to day practice of the cast members who are some of the UK's leading early childhood artist-educators - this is what makes Magic Adventure so special and unique.


Magic Adventure is intended to be an inspirational event, a flagship celebration or catalyst for change.

The Magic Adventure installation is in two parts –


The Tunnel – where the audience meets plays together with various materials and experiences beautiful light and shadow effects. With its padded floor and comfy cushions, the tunnel allows children to acclimatise and relax


Outside the Tunnel is a large Environment which the children can explore and discover freely. There are ‘sound pallets’ of instruments to be discovered among a variety of materials and props.

The formula of Magic Adventure alternates between the Tunnel and the Environment.


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