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Charlotte K Arculus 

Charlotte has worked and played with early years children for nearly 30 years. She is the founder member and creative director of Theatre of Adventure. She originally  trained as a community musician and has worked as a creative director, an early years music and arts specialist, and an anarchic street performer.


Charlotte describes herself as an artist animateur (and artist who breathes creative life into a venture).

She is particularly interested in the concept of developing complicité between people of all ages through playfulness. Her work explores the relationship between funniness and musicality, developing beautiful pedagogical spaces to support young children’s aesthetic senses. Her work brings practice (and theory) of improvisation to the heart of what it means to be present.

Charlotte is currently down a Rabbit Hole of philosophical wonder as a Doctoral student at Manchester Metropolitan University investigating the resonances between young children's emergent knowledge and the performing arts. She has presented work, research and workshops extensively including Finland, Estonia, The Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark 

Charlotte was the director of Music and Arts at the Priory Children’s Centre in Great Yarmouth till 2008 - 2017. She is still involved as a co-creator in the practice which is now called Magic Acorns. The centre has had an embedded music practice since its inception as a trailblazer centre in 2001.

Charlotte was a part of the Early Years Music working group for national Paul Hamlyn funded project Inspire-Music.

Read some of Charlotte's academic work here


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