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 Magic Light  

Magic Light- a beautiful show and play experience for children 0-3 with their families and carers


Magic Light is a wonderful new development designed to  go into smaller spaces such as galleries and museums. Set in a white luminous tunnel, the environment shifts and transforms as objects and playful interventions gently flow in and out of the space. Blending song, music, light, puppetry, play, texture,colour and shadow,  Magic Light is immersive and fully interactive -  a safe cosy environment ideal for little ones to explore

Tides explores the ebb and flow of silky water and  stretchy nets which bring in strange flotsam and jetsam and take us out to strange new worlds.


Magic Light has been made for babies, toddlers, their families and carers by a specialist arts team embedded at The Priory Children’s Centre in Great Yarmouth. It embodies the creative pedagogy pioneered by Charlotte Arculus which supports parent: child bonding and learning through play. 

Our fully trained performers guide you through a magical world of discovery.


Now Magic Light is available to come to you!

All you need to host a day of Magic Light performances is:


·         A 9m x 9m room with blackout (curtains or blinds etc)

·         A ceiling height of 3m

·         Access to standard electrical sockets


NB. Magic Light is fully accessible and its relaxed, playful environment is ideal for babies and young children including children with disability.


Magic Light is available to book and typically costs under £1500 for a full day of performances, additional days are available at £1000 PD.


Please contact us for further information!


Click here to download Magic Light posters


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